Tod’s Spring Summer 2021 Fashion Show

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Tod’s creative director Walter Chiapponi has celebrated the dedication and skills of the craftsmen that made his new collections possible under very difficult circumstances in a video.

Called Inside Tod’s Studio, it was filmed at Brancadoro, a small town in the Marche region in central Italy where the company’s headquarters are located.

During a preview, Chiapponi explained that both collections were born out of constant discussions and conversations with Tod’s artisans. “Through their love for what they do, I’ve experienced a kind of new appreciation for my work.

We’ve found new creative solutions, pushing the boundaries of tradition into innovation, researching, and finding new directions for the future. Together. Their humanity is truly exceptional. And so is their craft.” Chiapponi took full advantage of it.

Sporty and elegant, and nodding discreetly to the casual bourgeois look of the ’70s, almost every outfit revealed a plethora of meticulous details which gave a twist of cool sophistication to otherwise rather classic takes on construction. The saying “God is in the details” rang utterly true here.

Outerwear that was relaxed in attitude but with a sartorial edge took center stage. Jackets were proposed in multiple iterations: voluminous parkas in distressed camouflage; cropped bikers in matelassé leather printed with a gommino pattern; drawstring field jackets in cotton canvas trimmed with leather ribbons. Military and utility accents were smoothed and given a youthful feel with a tactile, luxurious polish.

“These collections weren’t conceived through an abstract practice of designing on a piece of paper,” reflected Chiapponi. “They were born from a very physical process of handmade manipulation. From hands-on craftsmanship, every step of the way. They come from love, emotion, and human connection: In this moment, it’s all that matters.”