Dresscamp MBFW Tokyo S/S 2016 Collection

Dresscamp MBFW Tokyo S/S 2016
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DRESSCAMP  Tokyo 2016 S/S Collection
DRESSCAMP  2016 S/S Collection
DRESSCAMP  Tokyo S/S Collection
DRESSCAMP  2016 Tokyo Collection
DRESSCAMP  S/S Tokyo Collection
DRESSCAMP  Latest Tokyo 2016 S/S Collection
Tokyo DRESSCAMP  2016 S/S Collection
Tokyo DRESSCAMP  2016 Collection
Tokyo DRESSCAMP  S/S Collection
Tokyo S/S DRESSCAMP  2016 Collection
Tokyo Latest DRESSCAMP  S/S Collection
Tokyo Latest 2016 DRESSCAMP  S/S Collection
2016 DRESSCAMP  Tokyo S/S Collection
2016 DRESSCAMP  S/S Collection
2016 Tokyo DRESSCAMP  Collection
2016 S/S DRESSCAMP  Tokyo Collection
2016 S/S DRESSCAMP  Latest Collection
2016 Latest DRESSCAMP  Tokyo Collection
2016 Latest Tokyo DRESSCAMP  S/S Collection
S/S DRESSCAMP  2016 Collection
S/S DRESSCAMP  2016 Tokyo Collection
S/S Tokyo DRESSCAMP  Collection
S/S DRESSCAMP  Latest 2016 Tokyo Collection
S/S DRESSCAMP  Tokyo Latest 2016 Collection
S/S Tokyo 2016 DRESSCAMP  Collection
Latest Collection by DRESSCAMP  Tokyo 2016 S/S
Latest DRESSCAMP  Collection 2016
Latest DRESSCAMP  Collection S/S Tokyo
Latest Collection Tokyo 2016 by DRESSCAMP  S/S
Latest Collection Tokyo 2016 by DRESSCAMP

Dresscamp Mercedes-Benz fashion week Tokyo Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

A dramatic, floor-grazing black ballgown with pink flowers draped across the bodice opened the Dresscamp show, setting the stage for Toshikazu Iwaya’s romantic yet uneven turn for spring. Iwaya’s models wore frothy dresses and skirt sets with something of a Victorian vibe to them. But in this mixed bag of a show, there were both hits and misses.

On the positive side, bold, almost psychedelic color combos dominated the lineup as in a lacy, turquoise dress worn over purple swirled tights. Sparkly petticoats peeked out from the hemlines of full dresses and skirts done in bright floral prints. One arresting ivory number featured lace-trimmed, ruffled sleeves. A range of small structured handbags made in partnership with Japanese firm Samantha Thavasa was also a success, in particular the versions in stripes and abstract paint splotches.

In the not-so-great camp, a number of dresses fell flat. These included a lace style with ruffled pink sleeves in a fabric reminiscent of an Eighties prom dress as well as the final grouping of poufy black dresses, which felt repetitive and should have been edited down.

Iwaya’s men’s wear a mishmash of Baroque, sport and disco influences seemed like a disjointed insert in this show. Given looks such as a track suit in a rose pattern that resembled a cheap tablecloth and skinny pants with lip appliqués that opened when the models’ knees bent, the ladies made out better this time around