Victoria’s Secret Under Fire For Another Photoshop Fail

Victoria's Secret Photoshop Fail
Victoria's Secret Photoshop Fail

VICTORIA’S Secret’s “Truly. Madly. Cheeky” lingerie ads have some social media users getting red in the face at the global brand for allegedly airbrushing the already thin model’s curves away.

The lingerie giant is under fire (again) for a bad case of Photoshopping. The offending image was posted to the VS’s Facebook page on Sept. 25th, and features a model, back to the camera, donning a pair of VS "cheeky" underwear.

The poor editing job is obvious — part of the model’s left buttocks is missing, and there seems to be a weird gap between the cheeks. A portion of her right arm also seems to be removed.

Naturally, Facebook users were quick to point out the poor retouching job. Some even expressed how they wished VS would learn from aerie, whose "real" initiative to keep models unretouched has received widespread recognition.

Victoria’s Secret has a history of poor editing jobs — in a recent roundup of some of the worst retail Photoshop disasters of all time, they made the list several times.

via Huffingtonpost