Tamara Ecclestone’s Vegas Celebrations

Tamara Ecclestone's Vegas Celebrations
Tamara Ecclestone's Vegas Celebrations

Scoialite Tamara Ecclestone is looknig forward to her friends joining her in America to go partying in Las Vegas.

Tamara Ecclestone will be partying in Las Vegas to see in 2013. The socialite spent Christmas in Los Angeles, and has a big group of friends flying out from London to join her in the US gambling capital to party the night away.

She said: "For New Year I’m going to Las Vegas. Some friends are coming out from London, so there’ll be a big group of us."

The 28-year-old beauty will be spoiled for choice for parties in Las Vegas, with options including the bash hosted at PURE nightclub, part of Caesars Palace hotel, by Nicki Minaj or possibly Beyonce’s performance at the Wynn Hotel, although this is an invitation only affair, and she will have to see if she can get hold of a ticket.

However, Tamara had better not party too hard as she will want to be up and ready to take advantage of the New Year sales, as she has confessed she loves a bargain. She said: "I love sales shopping. It’s something I’ve inherited from my dad. I tell him, ‘But you don’t need it.’ Then he says, ‘But it’s such good value. We’re getting it!’

"I always go to Boots [high street pharmacy]. I buy all my eyelashes in Boots, all my beauty products, sunscreens – I have a Boots card and I collect all my Advantage points!"

Source: FemaleFirst