Barack Obama Prepared Sasha And Malia For California Life With A Total Dad Move

After completing her studies at Harvard University in 2021, Malia Obama set her sights on Hollywood to pursue a career as a writer alongside Donald Glover. Following in her sister’s footsteps, Sasha Obama joined her on the west coast a year later, transferring from the University of Michigan to the University of Southern California.

The two sisters share a strong and special bond, and to the delight of their parents, Michelle and Barack Obama, they chose to live together, thriving in their newfound independence, the first lady informed People.

Barack Obama takes his role as a dad seriously and occasionally gets concerned about his adult daughters living in California. He often sends them helpful information, like earthquake safety tips, via texts and emails. The daughters appreciate his concern, even though some of his messages can be amusingly overprotective.

In addition to being a caring and protective father, Barack has also earned a reputation for his sense of humor, often indulging in classic dad jokes. Even after leaving the White House, he continues to entertain his family with his wit. But it’s not just a one-way street – his daughters don’t hesitate to poke fun at him too, and Barack enjoys joining in the playful banter.

Despite the challenges of raising children in the spotlight, Barack and Michelle have always prioritized their family. Barack is especially proud of his daughters and expressed his love and admiration for them during his farewell address as president.

He cherished the time spent with his family, making sure to participate in their daily lives despite the demands of his presidential duties.

The Obamas knew that parenthood meant preparing their children to become independent adults. While it wasn’t easy to see Malia and Sasha leave for college, they understood the importance of letting go and allowing their daughters to grow and flourish on their own paths.

Michelle, inspired by her own mother’s parenting philosophy, maintained an open and honest dialogue with her daughters, fostering a strong connection that continues even as they embark on their adult lives.