Love Island USA’s Nadjha Day and Jeff Christian Reconcile After Shocking Onscreen Split

Love Island USA‘s Nadjha Day and Jeff Christian appeared to have rekindled their romance after posting a photo together sharing a kiss. Learn where they stand after Jeff “sincerely apologized.”

Have Nadjha Day and Jeff Christian re-coupled outside the villa? The couple made headlines this week when they both posted photos of themselves together at Nadjha’s belated birthday celebration. She and Jeff left the Love Island USA villa right before the finale after a heated argument, but in new photos, they’re seen posing together and even kissing.

They initially stated that they are keeping things platonic. Nadjha captioned her September 4 Instagram post, “Bestie vibes only,” and Jeff captioned his, “Besties.”

Nadjha updated her Instagram followers on their relationship status, stating that they are “friends that sometimes kiss.”

“No, but really, we’re feeling things out and just seeing how things are in the real world,” she wrote in her Sept. 6 Instagram Stories. “We live far away from each other & we both have a lot of growing up to do! We like to joke and say we’re besties bc ppl think it’s funny, but we really haven’t put a label on our relationship.”

As for how Nadjha and Jeff seemingly found their way back to one another, Nadjha wrote, “I have a big heart and when I care about someone I want to always see the good in them!”

She added, “He sincerely apologized to me and I made the choice to forgive him.”

Jeff and Nadjha left the villa on their own after a heated argument between Jeff and islander Timmy Pandolfi. Fellow islanders chose to save Deb Chubb and Jesse Bray over Phoebe Siegel and Chad Robinson at the time. This decision irritated Jeff, who labeled the situation as “buddy-buddy” behavior.

Nadjha apologized to Timmy after Jeff and Timmy exchanged heated words. As seen in the explosive episode, Jeff was outraged at Nadjha for apologizing to Timmy and was heard saying, “f—k Nadjha.”

At the time of their exit, Nadjha shared, “I could have decided to just stay and pretended like everything was OK but I knew deep down that it wasn’t.”

After leaving Love Island, Nadjha shared that there was “a lot that wasn’t shown.” Nadjha alleged in a Sept. 1 interview with Page Six that they’d had other problems, too.

Looking back on her exit, Nadjha noted that she is proud of her choice.

“I remember I was so sad, but then I watched the episode back—the only episode I’ve seen since I’ve been [out of] the villa,” she said, “and I remember being like, ‘I’m so proud of the girl walking out of there.'”