How Technology is Affecting Fashion and Design

Fashion Designing
Fashion Designing

From the design and conception phases to the marketing, branding, and sales, modern technology has affected all aspects of current fashion and design.

It is one of the biggest business sectors in the world, making over 3.3 trillion Dollars by 2030 and as such, it is also expected that it is at the forefront of our technology development and usage. This article will look at how our modern technology is affecting our fashion and design and will continue to do so in the long-term future.

Studying and learning design online

From Coursera to any of the many internationally recognized colleges online you will be able to learn the skills to become a professional designer and fashionista online. From learning a few personal fashion tips and trends to a full-on degree course on fashion or design, they are all now available online. You will need to check the credibility and ensure that you have read the reviews and recommendations of those who have also studied at the institution or college of your choice so that you know exactly what to expect from the college or course that you choose,

Fashion and Design
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Bespoke and unique designs are possible

Online programs and cloud software allow for the most unique of designs and fashion. The available tech has democratized the design process and more people are able to cement their ideas and then share them widely online. The more people that are able to share their styles and designs online, the more bespoke fashion that we all have access to.

Everything is digital

From the photographs of models to photoshoots that you have done, it is all digital and available immediately afterward. No need for long waits to process or develop the photographs, all you need is a Lenovo business printer and you can see exactly what the client will get from the latest digital work that you’ve done for them.

Online Shopping and the virtual dressing room

The ability to be able to buy online has been with us for a while, but to be able to try before you buy and see exactly how the online buy will look on you is now more common than you know. Either Artificial Intelligence or Augmented Reality place the garment or item of clothing over live imaging of the customer, allowing them to check the fit, size, and look, just as you would in a mirror in the fitting rooms. The virtual fitting room is a growing trend and is argued to be increasing online fashion shopping dramatically.

Faster and wider sharing of trends and styles

The internet and social media forums, chat rooms, and more are the best way to share and spread fashion trends. Influencer marketing on social media platforms has taken the fashion and design world by storm Modern fashion and design have come a long way in terms of the number of people who are able to now contribute to the vast array of styles, designs, fashion trends, and looks, and all of this online. Technology pervades and changes all that we do, and fashion and design are no different.