Daniel Fletcher Designs Beanie With Sheep Inc. for a Good Cause

Money raised from this collaboration will help Be Well Collective deliver continued mental health services and awareness for young adults.

English knitwear brand Sheep Inc. is releasing a limited run of beanies designed by Daniel Fletcher, made with 100 percent traceable wool.

Available in two styles, the beanie says “Be Well” on the front, and all profits will be donated to the mental health charity the Be Well Collective.

Edzard van der Wyck, a cofounder of Sheep Inc., said he identified Fletcher as an ideal collaborator because he “has made a huge commitment to making his garments as sustainable as possible.”

“It’s just so good to see that people like him and others are starting to tread the sustainable path and trying to really examine how they can behave in the most sustainable way possible,” he added.

Fletcher, who was particularly impressed with Sheep Inc.’s commitment to traceability, said he was introduced to the charity’s founder Sarah Ann Macklin through their mutual friend, fashion designer Henry Holland.

“She told me all about the amazing work they do and I was keen to get involved and work on something as soon as we got off the phone. Mental health, particularly the effects of stress within the fashion and the creative industries, is a really important issue for me and one that I really wanted to support.

Having been hospitalized myself after completing my first collection, it’s something I have experienced firsthand so I hope that this collaboration can support the amazing work the BWC does,” he added.

According to Macklin, the Be Well Collective aims to “empower young people to have the confidence to ask for help when they are struggling and provide them with access to health professionals and direct support, which educate and guide young people toward stronger mental health and tools to cope.”

Money raised from this collaboration will help deliver continued mental health services and awareness for young adults, with one-on-one mentoring, alongside monthly mental health workshops.